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The Yellow River is approximately fifty (50) miles long with an average gradient of 7.4 feet per mile.

There are three main access points on the river:


Volney to Sixteen (5 river miles)

This is the shortest stretch with easy access. It is a good run for fishing or enjoying the meadows, woods, and limestone cliffs. The river drops over some small ledges. At Sixteen, you will come to a deep pool with cliffs and a rope swing at the Sixteen Bridge.

Sixteen to Ion (8 river miles)

This is the most challenging part of the river with short rapids and tricky turns. The river runs through pristine territory with 200 foot scenic bluffs.

Ion to Mississippi (8 river miles)

The river enters the Yellow River State Forest as it widens to sixty (60) feet. The river becomes sluggish as it nears Highway 76 near Effigy Mounds National Monument. It opens to the wide valley of the Mississippi River.